2021 — ?

Vision of the future
In the final part we wish to focus on the future. But how to tell what lies ahead? We begin with the vision of the company’s Art Director Alexander Gufler and CEO Milan Dostalík’s plans for moving the bentwood tradition boldly into the future. It is our sincere hope that the phenomenon of bentwood furniture from Bystřice pod Hostýnem will continue to develop and thrive for hundreds of years to come.
The iconic Merano chair in Alexander Gufler’s workshop in the centre of Vienna.
Alexander in the midst of his creative process. The designer makes all of his prototypes in his workshop.

Designers for the future

"Wood bending is a technique with a rich tradition and history. When I was asked to create a contribution on this theme for this book, my first thought went to furniture as such…

Will furniture of the future be made of wood? I hope so, because wood as a material adds an earthy and natural element to our lives and homes. I am certain that as long as furniture is made from wood, bentwood will remain an important element – due to its character, tradition and legacy.

To illustrate this idea, I have designed the eternity symbol in bentwood."
Alexander Gufler – TON´s art director
Interview with Milan Dostalík

Optimistic for the future

Bentwood furniture is a matter of the heart for Milan Dostalík, who has been working with TON for 23 years, the last ten in the role of the company’s CEO. His colleagues are like one big family. For Milan, the future of TON will be charted through a combination of time-honoured tradition, cutting-edge contemporary design, and sound environmental stewardship.
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